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Courier Solutions

As a business owner, ensuring your recipients get their shipments on time is vital. As a specialist distribution transport company, GEODIS will provide you with innovative courier solutions.  We’ll provide you with the performance, pricing and value you need to satisfy your customers and stay ahead of the competition.

GEODIS can represent your brand to customers during the final link in the supply chain. We will optimize transport through a wide selection of product delivery options, full geographic coverage and the comprehensive management of your packages straight to the customer's door. This helps bring you closer to your customers by combining operational efficiencies, excellent customer relations and innovative online customer solutions. See details

When you ship with GEODIS, you’re shipping with experts in courier delivery services. Our comprehensive offering, along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your business needs, will give you solutions and reliability you can count on. See details

GEODIS offers dedicated courier services in France and in Europe for time-critical shipping. See details

GEODIS offers two dedicated courier services in France in Europe for time-critical shipments. See details

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