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Join an international team of passionate experts

In today’s fast moving global economy, we are the growth partner for a large and diverse set of customers. With over 40,500 people in 67 countries around the globe, we design and deliver tailored solutions to solve complex and often unique problems. When you join GEODIS, you are joining an international team of diverse and passionate experts, committed to sustainably tackling the daily transport and logistics challenges of their clients…and ensuring that they succeed.

A GEODIS career – individual initiative with shared values and drive

As a service provider, our people are at the heart of our business…and our success. We are all driven by the highest standards of service and an uncompromising determination to deliver on our commitments, day after day.

We are also an entrepreneurial Group, and we believe in nurturing talent and giving real responsibility early. In addition, the specific needs of each of our customers – and their unique challenges – leaves real space for individual initiative and creativity. This autonomy is balanced with clear accountability and the shared values and commitments that guide our Group.

A GEODIS job – proactive engagement with the challenges of tomorrow

We are also very aware that we are part of a broader community, and our values and commitments extend to society at large. If you work at GEODIS, you will be pro-actively engaged in today's environmental, social and societal challenges and the ones that lie ahead. This philosophy is part of our identity and is shared by all employees of the Group.

At GEODIS we are shaping tomorrow’s supply-chain, as we transform ourselves and help our customers – and even whole industries – to transform along with us. This means that the diversity of talents we are looking for is as varied as the range of opportunities we have to offer.

We logistic your growth

Whether your passion is counting, driving, managing, innovating, warehousing, shipping, lifting, or transforming…at GEODIS, we’ll logistic your growth.

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