chariot élevateur dans un entrepôt

Et innovativt tilbud til din produktionslogistik

Our customers’ in this market have backlogs of orders that are already quite full for the coming years. Their main concerns are therefore:

  • On-time production 
  • Meeting the costs outlined in the sales contract
  • Guaranteeing the required quality standards

Agility and innovation are key

Production rate growth demands and implies accelerated flows, space optimization, and end-to-end visibility to respect shipping commitments. This is why greater agility and a high capacity for innovation are important tools for transformation. GEODIS uses its resources and expertise to optimize our customers’ supply chains, allowing them to focus on their core business: production.

Improved supply chain responsiveness

As a 3PL, GEODIS offers expertise and on-site logistics services.

Our solutions include an innovation catalogue to help you:

  • Digitize your supply chain
  • Optimize your storage
  • Benefit from productivity improvements throughout your supply chain
  • Achieve end-to-end visibility

We adapt our offers to meet our customers' needs, whether they are a Tier 1 factory, a plane manufacturer or conducting a mega-project. Our expert teams will develop a tailored solution for you, perfectly integrated into your organization and, as always, communicated through a single GEODIS contact.

Ekspertcenter for logistik

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