Transportation Solution Design

GEODIS' Transportation Solution Design uses your data to model and optimize the pivotal elements of your distribution and transportation strategy. These simulations help us identify the best combination of locations for your distribution centers, along with the most cost-effective shipment consolidations. We use this transport optimization approach to improve operational execution, as well as identify and prevent costly transportation blunders.

Network design

We'll work with you, using your data and business requirements to identify the optimal quantity and location for your distribution centers for the best territory coverage. This can be located in our network or in a stand-alone Distribution Center. Sometimes called 'network modeling', this analysis is a way to improve your operational performance and minimize overall cost while meeting your established service levels.

Network optimization

Network optimization analysis determines the best consolidation approach for your outbound distribution to reduce damaged shipments and cost while improving service. We model your data through “what-if analysis” to reveal your best solution mix, including LTL pooling, multi-client or multi-stop truckloads, or dedicated fleeting. The output minimizes load count and overall miles to improve customer ordering and delivery schedules.

Cost and service analysis

We execute extensive root cause analysis beyond traditional data inputs to optimize your transit times and spend. Our recommendations will then be the result of our transportation expertise and understanding of influential variables. If costs are higher than projected, or if service levels are missed, we will discover and eliminate the source of these negative trends.

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Inventory by drone

Na GEODIS, o controle de estoque de armazéns com o uso de drones está em andamento


A GEODIS tem experimentado realizar o inventário de armazéns com drones há quase dois anos.

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Quatre avantages à s’équiper de robots dans votre entrepôt

Quatro benefícios que os robôs trazem ao seu armazém


Coleta robótica de pedidos aumenta a produtividade da cadeia de abastecimento em 100%

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