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Complex Project Management

For more than 20 years, GEODIS has offered transportation and logistics solutions for the Aerospace and Defense market. These solutions take into account the exceptional nature of the products in question. Our key commitments include the management, organization, and monitoring of operations and processes to guarantee that your products are completely secure during shipment.

A rigorous approach to complex projects

At GEODIS, we are attentive – we listen to you to make sure we understand and can anticipate your specific needs. We work together with our customers to develop preliminary studies and risk analyses. Then we offer end-to-end transportation solutions that are managed by our experts.

We understand that you are entrusting us with operations that are both critical and sensitive. You can always count on our commitment to professionalism and our rigorous approach to realization and security, which constitutes one of the major challenges within your sector. GEODIS also implements tailored processes for each customer, and our policy of continuous improvement enables us to anticipate and respond to the evolution and distinctive characteristics of this market.

Exceptional responsiveness and risk management

Exceptional logistics responsiveness is vital to confronting problems in the field and enabling the flow of all product types (final products, assembly parts, operational maintenance, etc.). Our international network provides us with technical and informational support, no matter the destination. Our solutions also incorporate well-known alternatives so that we can ensure flexibility and high responsiveness to our customers during operational processes.

Some of our experts come from the industrial sector, and they use their deep understanding of your main challenges to create personalized transportation, customs, and logistics solutions. Above all, our people are passionate about supply chain operations and, based on their history, have a particular fondness for operations and services within the Aerospace & Defense sectors. Your challenges will become our own, as we demonstrate a true commitment to identifying and implementing the best and most efficient solutions.

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