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Managing Maintenance Logistics

The aviation, space, and defense markets are expanding. With around 28,000 aircraft in use around the world, the market for maintenance – including repairs and major modifications – has grown considerably, and has begun to impact our customers’ supply chains. At the same time, European and American companies are now facing the increasing power of Asian and Middle Eastern airline companies. Growing geopolitical instability has led to a surge in defense markets around the world, which in turn has caused increased operational maintenance issues. It is now more important than ever to reduce expenses and optimize your supply chain.

Specific maintenance challenges

The repair cycle in this sector tends to behave unpredictably and erratically. Success therefore depends upon the simultaneous management of several operations. Replacement parts must be at the point of use within the required deadline so that machines are down for a minimum length of time.

As they favor new products and markets, operators often become concerned about the risk of breakdown within their supply chain. However, only a handful of operators have complete supply chain visibility. In this difficult situation, externalization through GEODIS' solutions allows airline companies and MROs to concentrate on their profession’s core business while improving supply chain efficiency and flexibility. After-sales logistics also falls within our skill set.

Our offer responds to the challenges of this need:

  • TAT (Turn Around Time) reduction
  • Availability for transportation and delivery 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Optimization and management of your spare parts supply

Transportation solutions adapted to your level of urgency

GEODIS offers 3 types of transportation solutions to meet your needs:

  • AOG: Available 24/7 through our international network
  • Critical: When your shipment needs to arrive at its destination within 24 to 72 hours
  • Routine: When your order is planned to markedly reduce expenses via different consolidations

Repair management: reverse logistics from the client to the supplier

GEODIS offers complete visibility of the repair cycle so that operators can monitor commitment with respect to maintenance center and technician repair time. Our tool is the only one of its kind on the market that lets you follow the entire process during each step of the repair cycle via the part and serial number. This means that you can precisely locate your part, control your supply, manage the maintenance plan’s penalties, and anticipate ordering a new part if necessary.

Management of repaired parts and inventory optimization

Our goal is to increase the final customer’s satisfaction by providing better visibility of operations and by optimizing storage through a range of value-added services such as kitting, refurbishing, quality control, consolidation, and cross-dock.

GEODIS also offers dedicated or shared warehouses across our global network.

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